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#stayhome and be creative! We are currently receiving many inquiries whether we are still sending orders. Yes, we are still there for you and from now on there is free shipping on orders of EUR 50 or more and cash on delivery is available for all purchases of EUR 100 or more. Both apply to orders within Germany. Stay healthy!
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Fabric- & Neon Print

Lycra + Fabric Poster + Pillows + Cups + Caps + Carpets
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Conception &

festivals + blacklight partys
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Rental of
party technic and decoration

Spotlights + Music Equipment + Effects
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Blacklight, Neon, Fluo, UV...
-many names, one idea. It should shine!

In our onlineshop you´ll find over 5.000 items, which fluoresce, phosphoresce or glow, respectively are in any way related to it.
Besides the classic blacklight fluorescent tube and blacklight colors, with which everything started, you can order everything needed for an amazing neon party, a colorful ambience or your special event.
We´ve items from all over the world included in our assortment, extended by unique own creations under the privat label PSYWORK.
So you´re able to find, for example, the newest LED technic, all sorts of material to be creative, ready to use decorations, blacklight poster, party outfits, makeup, stringart, lycra decorations, glow in the dark material right up to fancy scene clothing.
Large stock quantities make fast delivery possible, to supply even the spontaneous party in time.
We´re still looking for you to expand our product range.

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